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Young adult exercise plan

Appointments at Mayo Clinic

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In the study, 2, healthy people ages 18 to 30 ran on a treadmill for as long as they could, and then did the same 20 years later.

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Aerobic exercise also affects body weight composition, by burning excess calories that would otherwise get converted to fat.

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Youth Voices 5 Tips to Promote Physical Activity in Young Adults Physical activity is important at any age, not only for weight management, but also for prevention of some diseases, improved mood, and improved overall health.

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Regular aerobic exercise — the kind that raises your heart rate and causes you to break a sweat — and muscle-strengthening exercise are just as important for the health and wellbeing of wheelchair users as they are for other adults, Young adult exercise plan.


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Answer From Edward R.

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Share on Facebook Full-body workouts are a good option for young adults looking to improve their health, strength and fitness.

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Friday: Sport-Specific Today, do whatever exercise pertains to your sport directly.

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Lower-Body Exercises

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